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Domestic Violence….

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I just finished a women’s workshop. It was definitely sad to hear all these women talk about their relationships and how they ended. They thought they were in love or knew the person they were with, and it turned out to be something totally different. Sadly, I can relate.

The one thing I cannot relate to is the abuse. Putting your hands on a woman is beyond disrespectful, and beyond that love is not supposed to hurt at all. I’ve seen people in my family get abused and remain in the situation, even if they have the means to leave. There is just no way I could do that. If a man or should I say boy takes it upon himself to his hands on me, he has some kind of death wish. Once he makes contact all bets are off, the gloves come off and the crazy lady comes out.

I feel sorry for some of the women I met today. The research tells us that one in five women are abused or have been victims of abuse. That’s insane, and in the country, there is no more than 1200 shelters where women can go and get help to get out of these situations. There should be a lot more out there, considering the statistics.

All these politicians are worried about all the wrong things. What happened to for the people? Eh, that doesn’t exist anymore, which is sad.

Maybe I’ll do part of my residency at one of these places here in Chicago.




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