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It’s Valentines Day….

It’s all hearts day and I’ve decided to stay off social media. In fact since this is the last week of this class I’ve decided to finish up the work for it today. I’ve also decided not to discuss anything regarding him with some of the people around me. People are completely insensitive to my feelings on the situation, and that’s fine. I just won’t discuss it. He wanted me to leave him alone, and I’ve done just that, but people act like I should be able to process this overnight. That’s just not possible. I’ll get over this shit, it just won’t be when people want me to. It’ll be in my own time. I think I’ll be off social media this entire week, since his bday is right there too. Maybe I’ll just stop logging in period. I haven’t decided yet. I do know one thing I will not be venting to people around me. It seems the only people that are comforting are Mami and Big bro. At least I have that, I’m glad.


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