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It is what it is….Right?

I must admit I was a sucker for love. Honestly, I thought the love dude had for me was genuine. It turns out that just wasn’t the case. I can say I’m slowly, but surely coming back to myself. Folks keep telling me the third time is the charm. Nah, I’m good. I can’t say that I don’t still love this dude, but obviously, I am not the one for him. Kanye shrugs and life goes on.

If one more mofo hits me with the….”You’ll find a man that’s all about you.” I’m going to scream, and punch someone in the face. On some real live….I’m over it. I’m tired of the whole entire process of love and falling in love. Valentines day was super depressing, but on that day, I spent a lot of time thinking about things.

He wasn’t in love with me. He was in love with the idea of me, and he just wasn’t ready for me. Again, that’s what I am chocking this up to, for a second time. Lol Like I said previously life goes on. A lot of people think I’m the meanest person on the planet, and I’m just the complete opposite. Once I open up they see that. I don’t open up to many people, but I made the mistake of opening up to him and thinking I was on some follow my heart shit. I should have kept thinking logically, and let that be what it was and just remained friends, and it seems like the friendship we had is ruined. That’s what I’m guessing since I didn’t really get logical answers to my questions, and I was treated like some stranger in the street, but whatever.

I talked to mami today. She’s like you can’t not to Texas just because of him. She’s my moms and the mother-daughter relationship is solid at this time. I’m still going to visit her, and  family I have in Texas. That’s a given. I was actually ready up -root my whole life and move. I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough for him. I mean what can I say my education is important to me, and I have to finish it, and then I can do whatever the hell I want to. The funny thing is….I was actually supposed to be in Texas today for his birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise before all this crazy shit happened. Funny….right? Anyway.

There isn’t much left to say but, It is what it is, and that’s all it is. right?


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