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It’s  super early and I  just really  need a good cup of coffee. Facebook  and Twitter has me wondering this morning. When did birth control  become the sole responsibility  for the woman? I read some bullshit written  by a female who is either clueless, or mommy dropped her too many times. She said, if women choose to have these children its their  responsibility, and their fault they are single mothers, if the father doesn’t  stay. On what planet does that statement  make any sense? This  is why I believe psychological  evaluations should be done before  individuals decide to procreate. A psychiatrist  should let them know if they are mentally stable to take care of a child. I feel like this  on subject  of responsibility. If two people  lay down  and create  a life, two people  are responsible  for the well being of the life THEY created. Oh, also for anyone who doesn’t want a child, but likes  practice  like they do. There’s  this little thing  we have called PREVENTION, try it. It’s  not rocket science people.


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