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Subtle Disaster by: Sungho An

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Everyone that knows me personally knows I’m a Webtoon junkie. I’m reading subtle disaster right now. It only has 45 episodes, but it’s pretty good so far. It’s like I’m reading a repeat of what happened when I lived above the drunken toad. All of my run ins with her and who ever she was smashing at the time. My education, writing, and work suffered tremendously, not to mention the lack of sleep. Quite a bit of it is in this Webtoon. The main character suffers more than I did though. I.just had to deal with a functioning alcoholic and her playmates. This dude has to deal with coherent psychos. One psycho neighbor is using him in her twisted psychological experiment and he has not one clue. Just as it seems like he’s catching on….wham! Clueless! I’m only 13 episodes in, but it’s pretty good. On top of that I’ve had and I’m having some personal experiences with crazy neighbor’s. 

Recap: I’m sure some of you remember me venting about drunken toad on here. If you don’t let me tell you. For six years I lived upstairs from the functioning alcoholic from hell. The sad thing about the whole situation is she worked with children on a daily basis. We battled for 4 of the 6 years I lived in that apartment. I just got tired of her and the shitty landlord and finally moved.

Currently:  Ironically, I’m in a similar situation, but there is a difference. Our handy man is married to a drunk. They don’t live in the same building, but we are on the same property, if that makes any sense. Looks like the magic number is six. I’ve been here six years already. The cops have been to my place quite a bit in the last year. They knock on my door because I live in the front building, and the handy guy and his wife live in the back building. I’ve got stories man, loads of stories. I’ll be sharing some of that on here soon among other things. 

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Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug

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“Beyoncé’s [Coachella] performance was better than any performance Michael Jackson ever did.” –Chance the Rapper praises Beyoncé during his commencement speech at Dillard University — Rap-Up (@RapUp) May 12, 2018 (WENN) We respect Chance The Rapper and his opinion, but folks never said “Michael Jackson was a better performer than Marvin Gaye or Sammy…

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Mama Madness….

Again, I was the only one trying to build a genuine relationship with this woman. All she had was ulterior motives, and all she gave me was bullshit, and guilt trips. I don’t even know why I keep trying to fix it. I must be out of my damn head. I know one things for sure. This is the last round. Game over.


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I’m retired….

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These men make my soul itch with this bullshit. I can’t say I’m officially tired because I’ve been tired. They don’t know how to act right, be vulnerable and share feelings, or share anything for that matter. They expect all that shit from you though. Folks wonder why I don’t mess with anyone. Grown ass men playing games. Grown ass men keeping secrets. Grown ass men expecting things and making themselves exempt from such things. I get this question all the time. Leyla why are you single? Why don’t you bring someone to functions? Why this and why that? I’M TOO GOOD FOR THIS BULLSHIT. I’M TOO OLD TO PLAY GAMES. I’m over this shit, entirely. Rant over.

You Entitled Penis Wavers Can Shove It….

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I keep seeing this meme of this idiot ranting and raving about eating off paper plates, all over the net. Now, in my head I’m like, am I really reading this bullshit??? I had to do a double take. You entitled penis wavers can take your bs logic and shove it. 😳😳😳 These fools kill me.  A lot of women wash their dirty ass clothes, clean the damn house, chase kids, cook, run a billion errands, work a full-time job, and let us not forget a mother is on the job 24/7. This fool is bitching about paper plates. He can eat off the floor. How about that???? I can’t stand unappreciative people. She could have told his punk ass to go get take out.  I bet this ass don’t ever wash dishes either. FOH. Y’all want to be treated like kings, behave like kings.

Coffee Shop Ramblings….

There are three things I don’t trust. The things people say these days, teenagers, & 70 degree weather in February. I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop trying not to strangle a teenager. He doesn’t seem to understand that 5’1, a back pack, and a pair of Adidas does not mean I’m one of them. I absolutely think it’s cute that I still get carded, and people think I’m a super young person. However, this can be extremely annoying at times. Mom calls it my blessing and my curse. The highlight of chilling in a coffee shop is people watching, hot cop spotting, and of course coffee. All of this gives me ideas for short stories. I think that’s what I’ll be writing for a while anyway. Eh I’m currently contemplating another cup of coffee, as the music plays.