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You Entitled Penis Wavers Can Shove It….

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I keep seeing this meme of this idiot ranting and raving about eating off paper plates, all over the net. Now, in my head I’m like, am I really reading this bullshit??? I had to do a double take. You entitled penis wavers can take your bs logic and shove it. 😳😳😳 These fools kill me.  A lot of women wash their dirty ass clothes, clean the damn house, chase kids, cook, run a billion errands, work a full-time job, and let us not forget a mother is on the job 24/7. This fool is bitching about paper plates. He can eat off the floor. How about that???? I can’t stand unappreciative people. She could have told his punk ass to go get take out.  I bet this ass don’t ever wash dishes either. FOH. Y’all want to be treated like kings, behave like kings.

Coffee Shop Ramblings….

There are three things I don’t trust. The things people say these days, teenagers, & 70 degree weather in February. I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop trying not to strangle a teenager. He doesn’t seem to understand that 5’1, a back pack, and a pair of Adidas does not mean I’m one of them. I absolutely think it’s cute that I still get carded, and people think I’m a super young person. However, this can be extremely annoying at times. Mom calls it my blessing and my curse. The highlight of chilling in a coffee shop is people watching, hot cop spotting, and of course coffee. All of this gives me ideas for short stories. I think that’s what I’ll be writing for a while anyway. Eh I’m currently contemplating another cup of coffee, as the music plays.

The Washington Post: More than 100,000 visas revoked due to travel ban, U.S. says

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I thought you might like this story from The Washington Post.
More than 100,000 visas revoked due to travel ban, U.S. says

Kirk Is Serious….

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via Kirk Franklin Offers Troll The Draco In Jesus’ Name, Black Twitter Cheers — Bossip

Trump Rant….

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I have not heard about a soldier dying in such a long time. As soon as Donald Trump is sworn in he starts alienating countries and even his own people. This is what you idiots who voted for Trump voted for, I bet 98% of you are regretting this. The mission as a president is to prevent war and make things better for the people in this country, and allied countries. I’m pretty sure soon we won’t have any allies. This fool has become a trigger for me.  Every time someone mentions his name I shift into some hyper angry person. Then there is this whole I loathe Donald Trump rant that comes out of me. I’m pretty sure I will be intoxicated for the rest of this term. Don’t be surprised if you read a blog describing the taste of vodka.

A Rough Year, 2016!

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​I’m not a cubs fan, but I hope they win. I keep thinking about Kattie! She loved them. I miss talking to her. I miss my cousin too. They took her off life support recently, she was breathing on her own for a little while,but she left us early last Thursday. This year has been one shitty ass year. It seems my loved ones just keep leaving. Papa, Junior, Kattie, and now Shani. I’m worried about Mami. She drives me absolutely nuts, but sooner or later I’ll wind up in Houston. I’m the only child of hers who still gives a damn about her. At least thats how it seems. She’s close to family, but it isn’t the same. I can’t depend on people to look after what belongs to me, my mother. The previous reasons for moving to Texas have now changed. Lost in my thoughts as of late.


I have had some time to reflect upon a certain situation. When you are caught in your feelings, you look at things with clouded vision. You blame all the wrong people for things that occurred. The people blamed for the indiscretions of another are not guilt free, though. Let me just say that.They played their part in the madness of deceiving me, and shall never ever be trusted. There is only one person to blame for what has occurred and reoccurred. It is what it is, and I guess that’s all it is. Through all of this,I have learned a very valuable lesson. It is wise to think with your head, and not your heart. The heart can create feelings that we think is love when it’s really nothing more than a fairytale fantasy. Although it’s just supposed to be fantasy, it felt real to me. I can love someone and set them free, especially since it’s where they really want to be. I’ve taken myself out of the situation completely, this means I have given up. I don’t have the strength for this anymore. All parties can go and do whatever it is they want to do. When I say this, I say it without a cold heart. I am not and nor will I ever be that kind of person. Enjoy your life.